Which side shall i print on first?

Do you ever experience paper jams?

It is really important that when we load our paper into our printer or copier paper trays we load it the right side up because there is a first side and second side we should use when printing. The general rule of thumb is when you take the wrapper off your paper the seam side of the wrapper generally indicates the first side you should print on.

Some reams of paper even have an arrow on the end.

Once you know the first side the second trick is some paper trays will feed the paper straight into the machine and others will turn the paper over as the paper is fed around the u-turn into the machine.

If you regularly print on both sides of the paper making sure you use the right side first is imperative.

If you need any help with identifying the first and second side and how to load the paper into your trays please send us an email or give us a call.