Discounted Hours

Our discounted hours can save everyone on their I.T support...
At TBM we value our regular I.T. customers and have therefore designed a discounted scheme for them. Depending on the number of computers the client uses, they can select to buy upfront either a block of 4 hours, 8hours or 16 hours of PC Support. Buying this block also saves the customer call out charges too. As the customer needs support, all time spent travelling, onsite; remote work and workshop repairs are simply deducted from the block of hours.
Compared to our standard hourly rate, the 4-hour block benefits from a 10% discount for each hour, the 8-hour 15% and the 16-hour a 20% is applied.
The blocks of hours are renewed every six months so we recommend new customers start on the 4hr block. In addition to saving on the hourly rate, saving the callout charge, these contract customers also receive priority calls, Antivirus and remote support too.
For more information please call us on 01638665240 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..