Cloud solutions

• Reduction in requirement for onsite IT.
• Reduction in hardware costs as little or no requirement for onsite infrastructure and systems.
• Increase in organisational agility by increase in speed of adoption of new software and applications.
• Move of IT from high investment and capital expenditure cost, to pay-as-you-go model (CAPEX vs. OPEX). Deploying cloud computing means software and application plus associated billing are turned on and off as required. You only pay for what you use.
• Best of breed technology without the overhead of upfront expenditure.
• Scalability for future business needs and expansion.
• Lower internal training, infrastructure and management costs.
• Stringent SLAs with service guarantees and support.
• Lower TCO for a secure network.
• Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery capabilities.
‘Green computing’ – the environmental benefits of green computing by not having equipment onsite