A free computer housekeeping tip

When did you last check to see if any nasty virus had entered your computer?

If you're not sure this free link may help you?

There are many housekeeping techniques that can help keep your computer protected against the latest nasty virus infections that hit so many computers every day. At TBM we recommend regularly housekeeping to ensure the latest available protection is available on their computer and that a scan is performed to ensure nothing has sneaked in. TBM can offer various solutions to help you with this and this week we have a free online virus scan that may help you (this may take a couple of hours) but can be started by this LINK and then following these instructions below:

• Click the Blue Scan Now button
• A pop up box appears
• Accept the terms of use and click the green start button
• A new box appears, click scan archives
• Click advanced settings
• Click scan for potentially unsafe applications
• Click start
• This may take a couple of hours
• This will update then scan and remove any thing it finds

If you would like any more help with this topic or would like more information please call or email us.